We’ve joined the Fairtrade revolution!

Here at Sunmagic, we have an ongoing commitment to tackle poverty and improve quality of life for communities in poorer countries and support farmers in the Third World. Our 100% pure Fairtrade orange juice means we can do just that.

Surveys show that 69% of the adult population is aware of the Fairtrade brand. The first three Fairtrade products appeared on shop shelves in 1994, which were Green & Black’s Maya Gold Chocolate, Cafedirect coffee and Clipper tea. Now more than 4,500 products have been licensed to carry the Fairtrade Mark in the UK, including our delicious 100% pure Fairtrade orange juice.

An estimated five million people in Africa, Asia and Latin America benefit from Fairtrade, including farmers, farm workers, and their families. This is something that is close to our hearts here at Sunmagic, which is why we hope to increase our range of Fairtrade flavours in the future.